New woodworking tools 2019

People enjoy woodworking either as a hobby or as a paying job, handcrafted items are normally the most exquisite of all. Furniture that is handcrafted goes at a very high price and that is why there are so many woodworkers in the market today. Undertaking woodworking is more demanding than using machines and that is why handcrafted items cost a lot more than other items.


Woodworking tools are normally precise and produce better results than machines. These tools are also less expensive than machines and take less space when it comes to storage. Their versatility gives them the advantage of performing more than one function as compared to other machines. Other than having woodworking skills, many woodworkers look for better tools to make their work easier.

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Mr Tom’s Product

Chester Bench

"Chester Bench" is a bench for outdoor use inspired by classic furniture, whose design aims to ensure that water does not remain in it.

Working Space

Working Space is a new concept of offices focused on entrepreneurs and freelancers, so we created an image that was related to a dynamic and young office.


Scratch and win? scratch and pass the time.


"Nina" is a candelabra that was born in a game with a sheet of paper.

The Blue Kid

"The blue kid" was a project in collaboration with 2architects, where a toy and candy store was developed in an airport for the group "Ibiza Blau". Mr. Tom, apart from assisting in the interior design process, designed the corporate image.

Knowing the type of item sold, who attracts (children) and who buys (adults), a showcase was designed free of all exposure, creating vinyl records that recreate a world, inviting the child to discover what is behind that graphic, and awakening the adult's curiosity.

Every graphic detail was taken care of inside the shop, to keep an identity that the company originally lacked.

Image developed for fashion blog.

Get a design where the world of fashion was not necessarily implicit, but the image fit in it was one of the premises to follow.

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